It is a site-specific, interactive voice installation: parody of Speech Recognition Technology. Through the use of voice recognition customer service systems incorporated with the site-specific subjects, it brings out the frustration of miscommunication between human and machine and/or human with different linguistic and social backgrounds in a humorous approach.

FYI, For Your Information, which is repeated in a few inconspicuous places all over the gallery. The installations consist of constructed information phone booths, appropriately colored in red and white. Upon picking up the receiver and becoming an active participant in the installation, one is confronted with an automated recorded system much like most telephonic customer service centers. Proceeding through the voice prompts that Hoyun Son has created, it becomes apparent that the entire piece acts as an analysis of what it means to be American. Such an issue is extremely apropos of the current political climate within this country, but would be thought provoking and meaningful regardless. Hoyun Son has reconstructed a now commonplace experience into social commentary that is so superbly subtle that it is entirely unsettling.” (from review by Tara Foster,2006)

Art by Hoyun Son
Voice by Andre King, Angela Mobley, Dave Hudson, Hoyun Son, Irina Botea, Jozef Amado, Megan McGrath, Nestor Batres, Onyango Oketch, Peggy Major, Rasvan Botea, Rodrick Major, Sharon Younger


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