“Couples in Action” is a contemporary art project that adapts the use of collective creative imaginations and performance in everyday life in conjunction with tools from technology-oriented society. Collective creative imaginations will allow the each individual to express their unconventional desire in their relationship and combine the imaginations satisfying both parties. It will integrate into your communication broadening …the horizon of their relationship and deepening the quality of the relationship. Performance in everyday life is a method of delivering thoughts and emotions collected from “collective creative imaginations”. This performance is not scripted nor is staged, but giving you a chance to freely experience “what ifs” of your and your partner’s imagination.

Throughout the duration of the project, the artist stayed with the couple of concern in their home and acted as an initiator and facilitator of the process; documenting and listening to their thoughts, collecting their imaginations, helping them decide what persona is best to perform, monitoring their performances and giving daily feedback of the performance and it’s effects on their “actual” relationship.

The project is documented on the follow blog:



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