In collaboration with Charles Gaines

Black Ghost Blues Redux is a single channel video piece made in collaboration with Charles Gaines. It is featuring a woman, myself, who is listening to Lightnin’ Hopkins (American Blues musician from 60s) classic, intently while the recording plays. When the song ends, the woman, a Korean, begins to sing Hopkins’s tune acapella. Black Ghost Blues Redux visits the idea of the politics that is at the foundation of the conversion of cultures brought on both by the history of colonialism and slavery. It locates a history shared by Black and Korean cultures even though each culture’s narrative is quite different. It sees that history as a starting point of a new narrative rather than just a reminder of that history.

Video by: Charles Gaines and Hoyun Son

Music by: Lightnin’ Hopkins (1966), Performance by: Hoyun Son, Edited by: Yanira Cartagena and Diego J. Garza, Camera: Christopher Caroll, Sound: Lydua Greer


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