Are Chicago’s elite private schools as diverse as they claim to be?

Are Chicago’s elite private schools as diverse as they claim to be?

Mind boggling…

The Edge of Glory

This is a drawing series inspired from conversation with Laura Shaeffer about liminal space. This series of drawing explore liminal space of mind, emotion, and geography. There is a participatory aspect in one of the drawings(all of us) allowing the audience to draw/write with pencil, later the artist ink the contribution.

The Edge of Glory_Mind of Chicago

The Edge of Glory_Mind of Chicago

The Edge of Glory_I'm on the Edge

The Edge of Glory_I’m on the Edge

The Edge of Glory_Wicked Wicker

The Edge of Glory_Wicked Wicker

The edge of glory_all of us , detail

The edge of glory_all of us , detail

Value: Assigned, Transposed and Imagined

Value: Assigned, Transposed and Imagined

A three-person exhibition by HATCH Projects Residents
Chaz Evans, Amber Ginsburg, and Hoyun Son
Curated by HATCH Curatorial Residents Happy Collaborationists (Anna Trier and Meredith Weber)

Opening Reception: February 15, 6 – 9 pm
Exhibition Dates: February 15 – March 7, 2013

Chicago Artists’ Coalition, 217 N. Carpenter Street, Chicago, IL 60607. 312-491-8888
Gallery Hours Monday-Friday 9 am – 5 pm, and Saturday 12 pm – 6 pm

Special Invitation to Chicagoans


You are invited to “Private Feast”, a semi-public semi-private performance with Hoyun Son as part of Version Festival 12: Bridgeport The Community of the Future.

Objective: We will be cooking a communal dinner with unplanned ingredients gathered by all participants, share the food, get to know strangers and their diverse culture, and celebrate the life on earth.

Bring: A choice of “food ingredient”(like grains, beef, fish, squash and so on raw ingredient, not a food made already) enough amount for 4 people. A spice/seasoning. A drink, a 15 min long music selection(on a CD or a thumb-drive).

Please RSVP ASAP with the preferred dates, the number of guests are limited. Here are the dates:
5/8/12 Tuesday 6:30-10pm
5/15/12 Tuesday 6:30-10pm
5/22/12 Tuesday 6:30-10pm

All events will be held at Co-Prosperity Sphere, 3219 S Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60608.

PLEASE RSVP: or replying to this post with your preferred dates, sorry but in walk-in, once you RSVP you will get a confirmation message.


Fundraising for Map of the Heart, Chicago @ Kickstarter!! Succeeded!

Fundraising for Map of the Heart, Chicago @ Kickstarter was successful and now I’m in search of securing a public venue for it’s installation in Spring 2012. Below is one of the ideal spot for the piece, a giant touch screen in Clark/Lake train stop inside Thompson Center. If you know any contact arranging the place, please contact me! Thank you for all your support!

Hoyun Son

Be a part of an ART Project of YOUR Chicago!!

Be a part of an ART Project of YOUR Chicago!!.

Black Ghost Blues Redux

In collaboration with Charles Gaines

Black Ghost Blues Redux is a single channel video piece made in collaboration with Charles Gaines. It is featuring a woman, myself, who is listening to Lightnin’ Hopkins (American Blues musician from 60s) classic, intently while the recording plays. When the song ends, the woman, a Korean, begins to sing Hopkins’s tune acapella. Black Ghost Blues Redux visits the idea of the politics that is at the foundation of the conversion of cultures brought on both by the history of colonialism and slavery. It locates a history shared by Black and Korean cultures even though each culture’s narrative is quite different. It sees that history as a starting point of a new narrative rather than just a reminder of that history.

Video by: Charles Gaines and Hoyun Son

Music by: Lightnin’ Hopkins (1966), Performance by: Hoyun Son, Edited by: Yanira Cartagena and Diego J. Garza, Camera: Christopher Caroll, Sound: Lydua Greer

unspoken, series

unspoken_series” is a site-responsive public performance, the artist uses text spelled out with LEDs on the backs of orange safety vests as a means of communication not an authority. The performance happens in public spaces like subway, social scenes like gallery openings where public etiquette filters out individual feelings and interaction. The texts subtly provoke the private space between individuals, for example “ I want to fart, make me happy!” brings strangers together from sharing giggles to even conversations. Hoyun uses the technology as a mediator to connect an individual to an individual in public.